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Camino Inca Peru:: Caminata Cusco Machupicchu 4 Días 3 Noches
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Sanctuary Garden 3D/2N

Camino Inca 3D/2N - Caminata a Machupicchu 3 dias 3 noches

This is an extraordinary experience, along the enigmatic Camino Inca, an alternative back route, for those who like a have experiences outside of the ordinary. It is a three dias caminata across diverse scenery, a combination of the Andes, with the big mountains of the Valle Sagrado de los Incas, passing through the lowland tropical rain forests into the Selva of Machu Picchu. You will cross roads de los Incas, which have not been used for a long time. We can observe different archeological sites which have not been forgotten, although there do not exist archaeological studies jet, but do exist for a very long time ago. An experience full of mystery, nature y history…

Camino IncaCamino IncaCamino IncaCamino Inca


Our guide will pick us up early en the morning from the hotel en a tourist bus, by that time you should have had Desayunos y your luggage ready. We will travel a Piscacucho, which is at the altitude of Km 82 where the rail way is which is going a Machu Picchu y an altitude of 2,720 meters. We will begin the walk on the right bank of the Río Urubamba en the downstream direction. The first archaeological site a visit is Salapunku, "Gate of the Saloon" at 2,623 m altitude. It consists of walls similar a those of Sacsayhuaman, a place that would have been strong against possible attacks o invasions, as well as the door access control a the valley.

The next point of interest is Q’anabamba "Green Prairie" located around kilometer 85,4 of the railroad. After that we will continue until arriving at Q'oriwayrachina, “where the gold was sold at an altitude of 2,520m. Then we are going a cross the river on a suspension bridge. Eventually we will arrive at the Q’ente camp, where we will take a break y have Almuerzos.

Until this place, the whole distance will be approximately 7 km en a walking time of 4 hours y a degree of moderate a light difficulty. After a short rest, we get ready a reinitiate our route.

We will continue our walk on the left side of the river en opposite direction of its course. We will cross the Cusichaca River y en the area of the community of Chamana we will ascend until we reach the traditional Inca trail. We will cross this for a short distance of 200 meters until we arrive at WILLKARAQAY, (Sacred Shed). This is a strategic archaeological place en the valley of Cusichaca located at 2,790m. After that we will descend a PATALLAQTA (village en the Altitude) also known as Q’entemarka (the place of the hummingbird), which is a great, magnificent archeological complex, from Q’oriwayrachina, with mas than 100 buildings.

We will continue en the direction of PULPITUTYOQ, which is the name of an Inca altar located at the oriental site of Paltallacta, at 2,500m. At this place we will finish the visits of the journey y we will return a the Qente camp. The entire distance is approximately 4,5km y the time of the walk is 4 hours. The degree of difficulty is slight a arduous but after a short ascend we will arrive at Willka Rakay. We will have Cenas y set up our camp.


After an invigorating Desayunos we will start the walking from the camping on the left side of the river en opposite direction of its course. Along the way we will pass MACHUQ’ENTE (old hummingbird), the extensions of the Andes, which draws a happy silhouette of a little bird at the riverbank of the Vilcanota River at an altitude of 2,350m. Within a distance of 2 km is WAYNAQ’ÈNTE (young hummingbird), en the North-East of Marchuq’ente. It is one of the most beautiful archaeological complexes of the sanctuary. It is located at an altitude of 2,550m. After the return a the camp, there will be waiting a delicious Almuerzos for us. The whole distance of the walk is approximately 4km y takes about 4 hours. The degree of difficulty is high till we reach WAYNAQ’ÈNTE, the rest is an easy level the altitude difference is approximately 300m. After we had Almuerzos, you will have some free time a enjoy the beauty of the surroundings of this zone. Later we will have Cenas y stay for the night en this camp.


After an early Desayunos, we will take the train a Machu Picchu. Upon arrival at Aguas Calients we will change a a bus, which will bring us a the archaeological complex of Machu Picchu. The excursion includes a guided tour of the citadel, visiting the main place, the circular tower, the sacred solar clock, the real quarters, the temple of the three windows y the cemeteries. We will have free time a explore the archaeological complex y a enjoy this place. Later we will return a have Almuerzos y a catch the train Back a Cusco.

Upon arrival a Cusco you will be transferred a the hotel.

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  • No Incluye
  • You should bring


  • Transfer Cusco-Piscacucho by bus
  • 2 Camping nights
  • Meals: 2 Desayunos, 2 Almuerzos, 2 Cenas
  • Guía especializado
  • Carpas, colchoneta
  • Tickets de tren Piscacucho – Machupicchu
  • Bus de subida y bajada al complejo de Machupicchu
  • Tickets de ingreso al Complejo de Machupicchu
  • Visita guiada
  • Tickets de tren Aguas Calientes-Ollanta
  • Traslado Ollantantaytambo - Cusco
  • Asistencia permanente
  • Botiquín de primeros auxilios

No Incluye

  • Bolsa de Dormir.
  • Almuerzo del último día
  • Desayuno del primer día

You should bring

  • Saco de dormir
  • Un par de botas especiales de Treking
  • Ropa de algodón para la noche
  • Polos y ropa ligera para el día
  • Linterna
  • Poncho de agua

Mapa de viaje

Sanctuary Garden 3D/2N map


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